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Structural Engineering

Princeton Engineering's structural evaluations of existing industrial roofs allow PV projects to be safely installed on industrial and commercial roofs.

We also design new structural systems for PV supports, including racking, canopies and roof structural enhancements  Additionally, we design piers, piles, footings, concrete pads, retaining walls and anchorage, along with seismic designs. Our designs rely on integrated, competent, well reasoned structural solutions.

With our in-house expertise, Princeton Engineering's structural engineering team is able to provide the best, most cost-effective solution for new and retrofit designs.

Princeton Engineering provides the following structural design services:

    • Structural Designs for Solar PV Installations
    • Wind, Snow and Seismic Analyses
    • Building Structural Evaluation and Design
    • Foundation / Pier / Footing Designs

Princeton Engineering and Solar

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