Princeton Engineering and Solar

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Efficient Solar Engineering Services

Generate clean and cost-effective power with help from our team. Princeton Engineering offers solar engineering services for commercial and utility installations in over 20 jurisdictions. Contact us to discuss your solar energy project and to request a quote.

Complete Solar Design Services

We provide complete renewable energy system design expertise such as ground, canopy, and roof mount systems for solar PV, thermal, and wind projects. Over 360 MW of solar system design coupled with decades of experience in designing buildings, electrical systems, structures, sites, and infrastructure gives Princeton Engineering a complete, holistic view of project needs and designs based upon satisfying those needs.

Solar Energy Project Descriptions (including Size and Location)

Wind and Seismic Testing

Let us help you create effective wind and seismic energy systems through wind and seismic analysis. We work with wind tunnels to develop aerodynamics of PV racking, and we also prepare wind and seismic investigations in support of our structural analysis and design.

Additionally, our team can analyze solar installations, buildings, and freestanding structures such as signs, silos, and towers. We employ standard analysis techniques along with wind tunnel and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) services for accuracy.

Seismic analyses are performed and structures are designed to resist the appropriate seismic forces.